Thread Masking Coating Protection against Adhesion of Weld Spatter and Electrodeposited Coatings (KTL)

Inlex has the capability to apply thread masking powder on to bolts & internal threaded steel nuts ranging from standard weld nuts, square, hexagonal, hexagonal flange and round nuts. Thread sizes ranging from M6 to M14.


omniMASK® is 98% Teflon®, a reliable FEP Fluoropolymer powder coating that protects against the adhesion of Weld Spatter and Electrodeposited coatings, E-Coating or KTL, primers and paintings. It also reduces the clamp load variation during assembly.

The newly developed omniMASK® thread masking coating is dry to touch. It is selectively applied to internal or external threaded parts. It is commonly used for weld nuts and weld studs and provides good electrical grounding. omniMASK® is available in white and orange.

Applications and Features:

omniMASK® thread masking coating has the following features and advantages:

Prevents adhesion of electrodeposited coatings and primers (also known as KTL) on the threaded area of fasteners.

  • Prevents adhesion of weld spatter.
  • Eliminates the expensive and not technically recommended “re-tapping” operations to remove paint and weld spatter.
  • Reduces torque versus tension variation.
  • As the coating is not fully cured onto the threads, when the fastener is submitted to the proper clamp load, the coating film is removed from the pressure flanks of the threads providing a metal to metal contact which guarantees the joint integrity.
  • It eliminates the expensive operation of installing and removing caps and plugs.
  • It eliminates the utilization of “slave” bolts.
  • It can be applied onto internal or external threaded fasteners.
  • Electrical conductivity and grounding achieved at the joint.
  • Due to its lower melting temperature, it can be applied onto zinc nickel plated parts with minimum reduction of the salt spray resistance.
  • Increased productivity on the assembly line.
  • Eliminates scrap and reduces manufacturing cost.

Properties and Specifications:

Material: Powder FEP Fluoropolymer
Colours: White and Orange
Coefficient of Friction: 0.09 – 0.15
Melting Temperature: 260° C
Global Availability

Automotive Specifications:

omniMASK® meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • GMW 15822 – Approved
  • Ford WSS – M21P27 – A3 – Approved
  • VW TL188 – Approved
  • FCA PS.50015
  • DAIMLER MBN 10391

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