Anochrome Group Policy Statement

Our policy is to…

Present Our Vision

Communicate our vision goals and objectives throughout the entire organisation.

Set and Regularly Review Clear Business Goals and Objectives

Continually strive to achieve business, environmental and quality performance targets as outlined in the business plan, which are relevant to our organisational goals and the needs and expectations of our customers.

Promote and Apply a Philosophy of Continual Improvement

Continuously develop and improve all aspects of our operation, including our documented operating systems, quality, environmental and pollution prevention performance, health and safety protection, and related technology.

Maintain a Documented Business Operating System

Manage and perform all processes in line with the documented operating system which in itself shall comply with the relevant health and safety, environmental, quality, statutory and legal requirements including where applicable – ISO9001: 2008, TS16949,and relevant customer standards.

Focus on the Customer

Every process in our company has a customer, without a customer a process has no purpose, only by focusing on customer satisfaction will we truly optimise our processes.

Demonstrate Leadership

By taking the initiative, providing an example and showing the way the Management Team will demonstrate effective leadership throughout the organisation displaying commitment to the process of continual improvement across all aspects of our business.

Provide Resource, Training and Education

Comprehensive, intensive and unending education and training are a key to our growth and success and shall form the basis of our continual improvement endeavours.

Develop Teamwork and Promote Partnerships

Promoting teamwork and partnership with employees, customers, suppliers and the community, allows us to apply many of the diverse skills and experience available towards achievement of our continual improvement objectives.

R.T. Gray
Chief Executive