Anocote Polska Sp. z o.o

Located in Lancut  (approximately half an hour East of Rzeszow), Anocote Polska Sp. z o.o was set up in early 2015 to service both the Poland and surrounding territories.

Anocote Poland also feature the group latest investment in the form of a ZT100ML Sidasa dipspin machine for the production of high quality zinc flake coating.

The ZT-100ML features an automated robotic load and unload feature for bulk production plus a manual load station for small orders or awkward parts.

Initially running Geomet 500 materials, Anocote Polska Sp. z o.o now apply organic and inorganic, anticorrosive zinc flake coatings. Anocote Poland also apply top coats based on the NOF Metals Coating and Doerken MKS licenses for a comprehensive range of fasteners of varying lengths and diameters. It also offers two types of patches for locking and/or sealing: the microencapsulated adhesives (Precote®/Scotch Grip®) and nylon type threadlockers (Blue/Red Nylon Patch).

Working with materials approved to a wide range of industries including construction, railways as well as automotive.

Anocote Polska Sp. z o.o is ISO 9001 certified and working towards IATF 16949.


Anocote Limited Polska Sp. z o.o
UI Podzwierzyniec 41
37-100 Lancut
Regon: 360-956-165

Tel: +48 172 258 539