Anocote Polska Sp. z o.o

Located in Lancut  ( approx half an hour East of Rzeszow), Anocote  Poland Ltd was set up in early 2015 to service both the Poland  and surrounding territories.

Anocote Poland also feature the group latest investment in the form of a ZT100ML Sidasa dipspin machine for the production of high quality Zinc flake coating

The ZT-100ML features a automated robotic load and unload feature for bulk production plus a manual load station for small orders or awkward parts.

The machine is initially running Geomet 500 materials on a comprehensive range of fasteners of varying lengths and diameters.

We provide a range of Zinc flake systems by dip spin  techniques and our coatings are used in all market sectors including construction, railways and aerospace, as well as coatings for automotive fasteners.

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We are ISO9001 approved and will be TS16949 assessed in the near future.


Anocote Limited Polska Sp. z o.o
UI Podzwierzyniec 41
37-100 Lancut
Regon: 360-956-165

Tel: +420 495 221 331