Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc nickel surface treatments have a number of advantages above and beyond some of the more basic plated coatings such as:

  • Higher corrosion resistance (at least double that of zinc for the same thickness).
  • Good temperature stability. Not significantly affected by temperatures of 120°C.
  • Good ductility and also good sacrificial protection if cracks in the coating occur due to excessive metal movement.

Widely used across a range of industries, zinc nickel plating is gaining an ever increasing market share of the automotive manufacturers in particular. The addition of 12-15% by weight of nickel dramatically improves the performance of a zinc nickel finish over the more common electroplated zinc or zinc iron systems. This is hugely beneficial in applications where components are exposed to harsh environments, thermal stress, or corrosive chemicals. Zinc nickel electroplating is also less prone to causing hydrogen embrittlement.

Anochrome can offer both rack and barrel plated systems with many additional top coats and torque modifying solutions. We’re able to meet the majority of automotive specifications including Ford S450, and with black passivation, S450b.


The barrel plating process involves placing the items to be coated in a perforated barrel-shaped cage that is manufactured from nonconductive material. The barrel is then submerged into a series of tanks containing the appropriate chemical solutions, while a slow tumbling action is used to commence the plating action. This is a very cost effective method of coating parts but may not be suitable for large or complex parts.


The rack plating process involves locating the items to be coated on an electrically conductive jig / rack. The rack is then submerged into a series of tanks containing the appropriate chemical solutions, to commence the plating process. This is a more costly option than barrel platings but may be more suitable for large or complex parts.

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