Rimlex Underhead Sealants

The Anochrome Group is able to offer a proprietary product called Rimlex®, together with a range of other flexible organic non-reactive materials, for sealing underhead fasteners, rivets and other components requiring gaskets. They can also be used in conjunction with thread sealants and locking patches applied by the Anochrome Group application centres at Inlex Locking Ltd in Wolverhampton and Anocote Czech Republic o.s.

What is Rimlex?

Rimlex is a peripheral seal, which can be applied to the underhead bearing surfaces of bespoke fasteners, or other suitable components. Rimlex can replace copper, aluminum and other more expensive sealing washers. When components are assembled, the material is forced into any gaps between mating surfaces to form a robust seal. Different grades of the material exhibit various properties, but fuel, oil, brake fluid and antifreeze resistant sealants are available. Some varieties exhibits excellent re-use capabilities, and even when under torsional pressure,  In most cases Rimlex does not significantly alter torque tension characteristics of threaded components.

Rimlex, and other seals or gaskets such as Precote® 15, is applied using computer controlled multi-axis dispensing equipment. The equipment can produce complex shaped gaskets on a variety of components. Gaskets can be a variety of heights, shapes and sizes as a gap filling self-levelling bead or with a low slump convex profile.

The interface geometry of mating components is critical to ensure correct functioning and reuse of the Rimlex seal. The mating hole, as a minimum, should be burr free, chamfered and/or engineered to ensure Rimlex material is not stripped or cut away during installation. In most cases an SAE J2244-1 (ISO 6149-1) hole form is suitable.

To meet torque/tension requirements, the Rimlex seal co-efficient of friction can be modified with the addition of materials such as TT15®.

The products can be readily applied to most electroplated finishes as well as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and organic coatings. Some room temperature cure materials are suitable for GRP(glass reinforced plastic) and plastics.

Rimlex® is a registered trademark belonging to Inlex Locking ltd.


Parts can be processed using automatic CNC programed robotic equipment, this may require initial investment in bespoke tooling.


Parts processed manually generally require lower capital outlay on bespoke tooling.


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