Thread Sealants

The Anochrome Group is able to offer a wide range of reactive and non-reactive thread sealants and locking systems. These will effectively fill all axial tolerances to ensure a positive seal at working pressure and temperature. These materials are mainly none curing water based systems. An extensive range of materials is available including Precote® 4, 5 and 15, Dri-seal 506 and Microseal 204. Each one of these materials offers a different combination of properties.

In general these materials are environmentally-friendly water based slurries containing PTFE to provide both sealing and torsional capabilities. They provide instant sealing upon installation on to ferrous and non-ferrous metallic thread forms and have a wide operating temperature range of around 200ºC. This type of material allows adjustment of the component after installation and allows disassembly compared to conventional methods. Combined, they offer lower assembly torque than that achievable from prevailing torque type fasteners. Additionally, high breakaway torque is achieved due to the solid fill from the adhesive coating after full cure.

The modern automated application equipment available at the Inlex Locking facility in Wolverhampton provides accurate pre-applied dispensing of this type of feature, additionally these systems are not confined to a thread sealant as they can be applied under head either in combination with a thread sealant or individually.


This refers to patch material applications where the parts are held horizontally and passed through a gravity fed stream of patch material.

Roll coated

This referes to the application of the patching material by rolling the parts across a controlled feed of patch material, this generaly allows for tighter tolerances on patch position to be achieved.


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