Thermal Diffusion

Thermal Diffusion is a very green process without any of the environmental issues surrounding other high performing surface protection processes such as zinc nickel.

What is Thermal Diffusion?

The application of Thermal Diffusion is the process of diffusing zinc into steel to form an anti-corrosive layer at the surface of the steel, to produce an extremely robust coating.

What are the benefits of using Thermal Diffusion?

  • Excellent corrosion resistance – over 1000 hours on salt spray tests.
  • No issues of re machining treads on fasteners over M10 in size.
  • High temperature and oxidation resistance.
  • Seizing prevention even on stainless steel (anti-galling).
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Hard, non-magnetic.
  • Amendable to crimping and bending.
  • Excellent base for paint, powder and for bonding rubber.
  • Heavy metal free – REACH compliant
  • Various top coats available.


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