Powder Coatings

The Anochrome Group provides expert powder coating solutions to clients around the world. Not only do powder coatings offer excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, impact and heat, they are also a highly attractive and durable finish.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a method of coating a part in a polymer powder using directional spray equipment.

The big difference between powder coating and wet spraying is that the wet spray principle requires a carrier or solvent to allow the material to be successfully atomised and transferred from gun to substrate. In the technique, powder coating, the powder is carried out of the spray equipment with low pressure air and is drawn towards the substrate via an electrostatic charge. The powder is then cured via an oven, which flows the powder across the surface of the substrate, fusing the particles together in a chemical crosslink.

Manual Spraying

Parts processed with manual input, generally means reduced capital outlay on bespoke tooling.

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