Organic Coatings

Organic compounds always contain carbon and hydrogen, often oxygen, nitrogen and other elements.

An organic coating is usually a barrier coating. That is to say they provide corrosion protection by forming a barrier between the substrate and the atmosphere, and if this is broken protection ceases.

Organic coatings can be manufactured with other materials either as part of the molecular structure or as an additive filler to provide a variety of special coatings with differing attributes to suit the environment in which they are intended to serve.

Below are four of the more well known surface coating uses for organic coatings, some such as Molykote and Xylan have become standard expressions for types of dry film lubricants and cover a wide range of products each with differing characteristics depending upon the needs.

  • Dry Film Lubricants
  • Molykote and other PTFE Coatings
  • Xylan Coating
  • E-cote

Many other systems such as decorative paint and powder coatings can also be classified as organic.


The rack plating process involves locating the items to be coated on an electrically conductive jig / rack. The rack is then submerged into a series of tanks containing the appropriate chemical solutions, to commence the plating process. This is a more costly option than barrel platings but may be more suitable for large or complex parts.

Dip Spin – planetary motion / tilts

The dip spin process involves placing the items to be coated into a perforated basket, the basket is then submerged into a tank containing the coating material, the basket is then removed for the material and then spun at a relatively high rpm to expel excess material. The planetary motion or tilts mechanism is designed to re orientate the parts during the spinning cycle so as to release coating material that would otherwaise be trappped in recesses etc. This then reduces the levels of ressess infill that would otherwise be preset in a standard dip spin coating process.

Automatic Spraying

Parts can be processed using automatic CNC programed robotic equipment, this may require initial investment in bespoke tooling.

Manual Spraying

Parts processed with manual input, generally means reduced capital outlay on bespoke tooling.

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