Optical Sorting

We offer additional services such as optical sorting and crack detection at our Wolverhampton facility. Optical sorting is useful in various industries to precisely sort objects based on their optical properties. This can include colour, shape, size, and texture. The sorting machines work at high speed and use compressed air to separate items efficiently and accurately. Removing defective parts this way is great for reducing manual labour costs. This process is also non-destructive, which is great for smaller and more delicate parts.

Parts that we can sort include nuts, bolts, rings, washers, screws, fasteners, rivets, and more. The machines can check products for everything from cracks and moulding defects, to incorrect finishes or thread height.

How does Optical Sorting Technology Work?

Optical sorters use reflected light to analyse items and find any with defects. This is achieved using low-friction chutes or conveyor belts that run past specially designed optical filters. The vision system uses the reflected light to compare the differences between acceptable products and those to be rejected. Any products deemed to be defective are removed from the stream. This saves on man power while offering a higher level of inspection using digital technology.

Defect Free

Optical sorting is virtually defect free due to the precision of the machine. The accuracy of the equipment is also frequently monitored and calibrated by our expert team. This means there’s an extremely low number of defects in every 1,000,000 products sorted.

Contamination Free

This is a far less discriminatory method of automatic screening that can be used that will remove contaminants from a batch by using a significant characteristic. Also, the high speed, non-contact sorting, dramatically reduces the risk of contamination.

Optical Sorting Machine

With the increasing use of automatic assembly systems, it is essential to have good quality fasteners. The machine makes this possible by rejecting defective parts. The optical sorting machine will also separate the accidental mixtures of work inevitable in any high volume plant production.

The machine can check:

  • Shank length
  • Shank diameter
  • Presence of a good thread
  • 2-start threads
  • Head diameter
  • Head height
  • Recess infill
  • Presence of cracks/ open bursts

Machine features:

  • High speed
  • Quick setting – easy changeover
  • Parts counted
  • Batching facility
  • Anti-jam mechanism
  • Close tolerances

Counting Facilities

Six figure counters are provided to indicate the total number of parts checked and the number of good parts selected. In addition to these counters, there is a five figure batch counter which stops the machine when a pre-set number of good parts has been counted.

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