Nylon Locking Patch

The Inlex nylon anti-vibration locking patch, when applied, is permanently fused onto the screw thread of the parent component, and increases the prevailing removal torque, allowing the screw to be locked in any position upon assembly.

What are the advantages of using Inlex Locking’s bespoke nylon locking patch?

  • Standard patch available in blue or red.
  • High temperature orange patches with 260°C capability are available.
  • Re-useable.
  • Anti-vibrational.
  • Variable patch length and position.
  • Eliminates secondary locking features such as nuts, washers, etc.
  • Automatically locks in any position.
  • Plate and patch service available.
  • Resistant to chemicals including alcohol, petroleum, oil, kerosene, diesel fuel and hydraulic acids.

Inlex 180

This anti-vibration locking patch is a coloured nylon 11 feature permanently fused to the screw thread. This process provides excellent vibration resistance and torque performance for all applications requiring controlled loading and re-usability. The Inlex nylon anti-vibration locking patch, is effective, whether or not the fastener is fully seated, making it ideal for applications where subsequent adjustment is required.

Inlex 360

This nylon anti-vibration locking patch gives full circumference coverage (completely around the thread) and is suitable for applications requiring a fully re-usable high pressure seal against liquid or gas.


This referes to the application of the patching material while holding the parts horizontally, typically this is suitable for shorter parts..


This refers to the application of the patching material while holding the parts vertically, typically this is suitable for longer parts..


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