Decorative Coatings

The Anochrome Group provides a range of decorative coatings for application to many different substrates including plastics, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), brass, titanium as well as on top of functional or sacrificial coatings.

Anochrome’s range of decorative coatings

The Anochrome Group offers a wide range of decorative coating options. Decorative finishes are essentially barrier coatings that can be applied to products and in some cases to pre-assembled units. The functional aspect of these coatings is visual, which must be maintained in the specified environment. These coatings often need to withstand harsh environments of heat, impact and chemical attack.

The range of coatings, colours, finishes and additional decoration that the Anochrome Group can deliver is too wide to fully document here, but includes: epoxies, acrylics, polyurethanes, for base coats, top coats and lacquers.

Decorative coating applications

Anochrome specialises in the coating of high quality decorative finishes onto functional automotive assemblies, such as brake calipers. Our facility has a specialist clean room spray plant, where coatings can be applied either directly onto the substrate or onto a finish applied elsewhere within the Group’s facilities. This allows Anochrome to supply coatings to major global automotive manufacturers as well as well-known aftermarket brands.

Dip Spin – planetary motion / tilts

The dip spin process involves placing the items to be coated into a perforated basket, the basket is then submerged into a tank containing the coating material, the basket is then removed for the material and then spun at a relatively high rpm to expel excess material. The planetary motion or tilts mechanism is designed to re orientate the parts during the spinning cycle so as to release coating material that would otherwaise be trappped in recesses etc. This then reduces the levels of ressess infill that would otherwise be preset in a standard dip spin coating process.


Parts can be processed using automatic CNC programed robotic equipment, this may require initial investment in bespoke tooling.


Parts processed with manual input, generally means reduced capital outlay on bespoke tooling.

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