Founded in Wolverhampton in 1946 by the family of the current owners, the Anochrome Group is the UK’s largest independent metal finishing company.

Offering a diverse array of coatings and applications across all industrial sectors, its roots lie firmly in the anti-corrosion, functional and decorative properties of its products, applied using the most up to date technology and techniques.

Having started production of Chrome and Nickel plating near Wolverhampton town centre over 65 years ago, the Company grew over the years, acquiring Anochrome Ltd. in Walsall in the 1970s, and growing organically across the West Midlands region, whilst relocating Head Office and WEP Ltd. to its current purpose built facility in Wolverhampton.

Always at the leading edge of coating technology, Anochrome Group was the first UK Company to operate Zinc Flake coating systems (Dacromet) and the Polyseal process, back in 1980. Driven by our expertise in fastener coatings and applications, it acquired Inlex Locking Ltd to add fastener thread locking and sealing facilities, and later on, induction hardening, to its portfolio, creating the only company then and still, under the same management offering a one-stop shop facility for ‘plate and patch’.
During the 1980s Anochrome Group diversified into conferencing, exhibitions and hotels culminating into today’s Southwater Events Group in Telford, Shropshire, UK with over 15,000m2 of event space, conferencing for over 2500 people and 350 hotels rooms on site.

To complement the coatings business in Wolverhampton, Anochrome Technologies Ltd. was formed in the 1990s on the same site, specialising in high quality spray coatings using manual, automatic and robotic techniques for automotive, wind energy and offshore requirements. Anochrome Technologies has since moved and is now situated in Bloxwich.

In addition, new facilities were set up in the Czech Republic (Anocote Czech Republic o.s.) in 2006 and in Poland (Anocote Polska SP. z o.o.) in 2015, to give the Anochrome Group a presence in mainland Europe in strategically advantageous locations.

With so much experience, know-how and expertise, and strong partnerships with its customers, suppliers and licensees, Anochrome Group continues to develop, with further investment into high speed application machinery, new coatings and new locations enabling it to remain competitive in the challenging environments of today and the future.