Wolverhampton Electro Plating Ltd

Wolverhampton Electro Plating Ltd (WEP) offers high levels of service and satisfaction to all its customers and is capable of meeting the requirements of a wide range of markets. WEP offers bulk processes including barrel zinc and zinc nickel electroplating lines. Mechanical barrel plating of zinc, tin zinc and Almac are also provided, with a comprehensive range of passivates and torque modifying top–coats. These include the latest MacDermid heavy weight trivalent passivates.

A major feature of WEP is the dip spin section for zinc flake and organic coatings. The Anochrome Group of which WEP is a member, is the only UK based company that offers all the major zinc flake based paint systems such as Dorken’s materials Delta® coating in KL100, NOF’s Geomet coatings, Magni coatings, Magni® 565 or B46 with optional (Black) top coats. Organic coatings include Whitford’s Xylan® products.

WEP is the chosen UK site for the Group’s  planetary coating lines, the original industry problem of completely blocked recess drives commonly termed as recess infill has now moved on to a more recent problem of ‘restricted’ or tight recesses. A traditional dip spin process comprises of dipping a basket of parts into a paint bath and then spinning off the excess. During the spin process centrifugal force drives excess paint out of the recess for parts with the head facing outwards. Obviously  any parts that lie in the basket facing inwards, the centrifugal force drives excess coating into the recess. The WEP plants with planetary motion moves the parts around vigorously vastly reducing the occurrence of this problem. These plants are ideally suited to small fasteners and self-tapping screws in sizes down to M4 which can be coated in a range of zinc flake or organic black finishes such as Xylan and Delta Coll. WEP also offer a very competitivly priced induction hardening facility for thread forming fasteners ranging from M5 – M14.

The above is supported by quality, environmental, training and development accreditations, designed to regulate and enhance company performance in pursuit of the objectives and aims within its policies.


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