Anocote Czech Republic o.s.

Located in Hradec Kralove (approximately one hour east of Prague), Anocote Ltd was opened in 2006 to service both the Czech Republic and surrounding territories.

We provide a range of organic and inorganic paints applied by dip spin or spray techniques. Our coatings are used in all market sectors including construction, railways and aerospace, as well as coatings for automotive fasteners.

We offer Zinc flake systems as Geomet® 321, 500, 720 with range of plus top coats PLUS® XL, L, VL, ML, M, 10,Geoblack;  Delta Protekt® KL 100, KL 105, TONE 9000 with range of top coats Delta®-SEAL (BLACK/SILVER) GZ, VH 300, VH 301 GZ, VH 302 GZ, VH 315, DELTA-LUBE®; Zintek® 200, 300 with range of top coats Zintek Top, Top L, Techseal Silver SL, Black SL; Magni 565®. We also apply torque tension fluids TnT 11 & Torque Tension UV Fluid.

We also provide a thread locking and sealing service offering chemical and prevailing torque devices such as  3M™ SCOTCHGRIP 2353 and 2510; Precote® 5,30,80 and 85; Eslok® plastic patch,Blue Nylon Patch and Rimlex.

We are IATF16949 approved.


Anocote Limited Czech Republic o.s.
Nachodska 626
Plotište nad Labem
50101 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 495 221 331